You Have Been Hacked – Or Have You?


Today more than 80% of all companies are vulnerable for Man-in-the-Browser attacks!


Studies from the FBI, indicates that as many as 70% of all devices are infected and 40% of all users have been attacked. How many of these attacks are in the Browser is unknown, but statics shows that 10% of all Cyber Crime happens in the Browser, and while SSL protects the session against attacks, the Browser is often left open for malware and attacks.


In our dialogue with customers, we often perform a vulnerability test of the browser, and in 8 out of 10 cases we can hijack the end-user, break the session or manipulate the content of the web page, all in less than 10 minutes.


While many companies have increased their protection of the infrastructure and platform, behind the firewall, the increases in attacks in the Browser, indicates that attackers are finding new and less protected areas to attack, and the Browser is today one of the most vulnerable areas between the end-user and the company.


New legislations, such as EU GDPR, is being implemented, data needs to be protected, not only behind the firewall and it is essential that customers can rely on data they see and that data entered isn’t manipulated, this is why you need CodeSealer.


So, have your end-user been hacked, or don’t you know?


CodeSealer offers a FREE Browser Vulnerability Demo


The Demo will demonstrate how our product Web Session Firewall can protect against manipulation and redirects (phishing) of your end-user, but also how our encryption strengthen the security in the Browser.


 Contact us for more details and for a free download of our tool protecting against Man-in-the-Browser and Man-in-the-Middle attacks.







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CodeSealer provides an INVISIBLE END-TO-END WEB SECURITY solution protecting end-users against data manipulation, redirects and attacks. The solution is the only solution against Man-in-the-Browser and Man-in-the-Middle which doesn’t require any installation on the end-users device and even protect against unknown malware. The solution uses our obfuscation, session keys, encryption and integrity validation and is not only INVISIBLE for the end-user but also fully TRANSPARENT for the application layer

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