A Beginner’s Guide to Pen Testing

Hacking is one of the difficult skills to learn. You cannot be able to become a good pentester by only doing some of the online courses. It is considered a challenging path and the learning curve is steep. But when you are determined about your thought of becoming a pen tester, you will be able to find that Pen Testing is a rewarding field, and you might never need to leave such a field.

What is pen testing?

It is the hacking process in which it is used for identifying the Cyber Security Threats in an application with the help of system or network evaluation. The main purpose of this testing is to secure the data from Hackers who will be having unauthorized access to the computer system. You have to know that penetration testing is often called pen testing, and the hackers who are involved in such testing are called ethical hackers.

Some of the causes of vulnerabilities

– Development and design errors
– Weak system configuration
– Connectivity
– Human errors
– Complexity
– Passwords
– User input
– Deficiency in training the staff
– Communication

Tools that are used for pen testing

Some of the automatic tools can be used to identify the standard weaknesses or vulnerabilities which are present in the applications. Pen test tools will ensure that there is any malicious code present in the application or not, which leads to a security breach. These tools can examine data encryption techniques. Here are some of the criteria to find the best

Penetration Testing tool, they are as follows,

-It should offer ease of implementation. And these tools should not have any complications regarding installation.
– The pen testers should able to understand the scan results and easily locate the vulnerabilities in the system.
– The tool must offer compatibility, which is it should be able to work with the database and the framework that the business is using.
– When you are working with a tight budget, then it is better to combine SAST tools with pen testing tools.
Ø It is really important to have the best support team to take care of the implementation of the pen testing tools.

Types of pen testing

1. Web Application Penetration Testing
2. Network penetration testing
3. Wireless network testing
4. Client-side testing
5. Social engineering testing
You have to know about the fact that this testing is not only used for discovering cyber threats but also offers their mitigation. There are four stages involving in this testing, which includes, planning, discovery, attack, and reporting phases. If you are going to become a pen tester, then you will be having a lot of responsibilities, and the main thing should be you have to keep all the information and data very confidential. Get the best safeguard against hackers by having reputed penetration testing services. Pen testing is very effective when there is a well-implemented security policy in the organization.
Happy pen testing!


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