Azienda Banca Magazine have written a feature on CodeSealer

CodeSealer has been featured in the Italian magazine, Azienda Banca. Below is a translation of the article:

CodeSealer: Security is invisible

An invisible barrier against cyber attacks. CodeSealer, Danish company involved in computer security from 2011, has created WSF: protection for internet banking.

Invisible security to the user

The solution protects the weak link par excellence: that is the end user who accesses the home banking portals, often without using the right protective measures. CodeSealers’ WSF protects all customers against Man-in-the-middle and Man-in-the-Browser attacks, bringing security directly to the bank server, thus making the invisible eye protection for bank customers, and as a user you don’t have to worry about installing any software on your device (PC, tablet, smartphone).

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Balancing security and usability

The solution, in fact, protects the customer through obfuscation and encryption of code and URL’s, ensuring secure access to both the end customer and the internet banking platforms. The security occurs in real time and in the event of an attack is immediately block the intrusion of hackers. In this way, the user can find the right balance between usability and security.

A sandbox for the zero-day malware

The solution puts an invisible barrier around the browser, protecting against malicious malware attacks, both known and unknown ones and including the zero-day attacks, a constantly rising number and thanks to a sandbox created by CodeSealer any possible malware is discovered.

Reports and safety data

Finally, the solution provides forensic data and reports, to allow the banks to have an updated view on the state of safety of their internet platforms.

“Although no one knows the real value of cybercrime (estimates are $ 445 billion), this market continues to grow, making it even more profitable than the drug,” says Tonny Rabjerg, CEO of CodeSealer . Every day, more than 20,000 malware are developed and 70% of mobile devices are under attack: this means that as sophisticated as security systems, hackers will always find a way to break and attack. The solution is therefore to make cybercriminals more difficult starting from end-to-end end-user protection.”

Written by GC. The original article can be read here.


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