Codesealer api

Codesealer API

Codesealer’s API protection is automatically applied to all requests, and makes it impossible to distinguish between different API endpoints or to discover their payload and response structure.


Enhance the security of your external APIs with The Codesealer solution, preventing potential misuse by attackers. Without Codesealer you can monitor application calls to API endpoints, including the data sent to the backend, making it easy for attackers to manipulate the API call. Codesealer’s solution protects APIs from unauthorized access and potential threats, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of these crucial functions.


When Codesealer API is deployed, the protected application always sends API requests to the same generic /x endpoint, no matter what the original API call looked like. Additionally, request data is encrypted within the Codesealer secure environment.


Every API has its own distinct characteristics, making each attack unique and requiring thorough research. Traditional tools, relying on rule-based and signature approaches, often struggle to detect these nuanced attacks. The Codesealer solution’s API Security strategy is centered on disrupting the reconnaissance activities of attackers and halting their progress beyond the initial stage.


When paired with our Codesealer Mobile SDC, you will be able to completely secure your Application based APIs: They will be fully consealed and traffic will be end-to-end encrypted from the Codesealer Security Proxy to the deep application logic.

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