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Codesealer Code

Protect your application code and Intellectual property from prying eyes and manipulation. The Codesealer code protection takes over all code delivery, applying state-of-the-art authenticated encryption to make your code invisible and tamper-proof, delivered via a secured and confirmed channel only when safe to do so.

With Codesealer’s code protection, attackers can no longer easily analyze your client-side business logic and find exploits. Your development team can rest easy knowing Codesealer will be a safety net, hiding any weaknesses that accidentally make it to production.

Codesealer provides a novel layer of security for Web Applications which completely changes the attack surface. When Codesealer is deployed, all an attacker sees is encrypted scripts and the highly secure and tamper resistant Application Code. This makes it extremely difficult to reverse engineer the application, leaving the attacker essentially blind, unable to even begin looking for exploits. The Kill Chain is broken at the very first Reconnaissance step.

Our Web Application Code protection mechanisms undergo frequent compatibility tests to ensure they remain platform-agnostic, functioning seamlessly across all browsers, JavaScript frameworks, and libraries. Our foremost priority is to enhance the security posture of your company’s web applications without imposing any technology limitations on your development team or end-users.


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