CodeSealer enters into strategic partnership with Gartner

CodeSealer today delivers a unique product to the market, to protect against Man-in-the-Browser and Man-in-the-Middle. With a partnership with Gartner, we will gain access to the large range of specialists within Gartner, which are crucial for our expansion into new markets and sectors.

To find out how CodeSealer invisibly protects you and your customers against browser attacks, book a demo now.

During our initial discussion with Gartner Analysts, we have already presented how our product fits well into the market, as a security new layer, and the feedback and input received is valuable for our future development and market penetration.

For many years, I have been using Gartner, Inc. as input in my decision making and I am now happy to use them as a partner in our market and product development

Jeppe Lau Hansen, CodeSealer CEO

Gartner, Inc. has with its’ many years of experience and knowhow an insight which we as a Fintech start-up can leverage on, an insight which will both provide us access to the vast number of reports available, but also direct access to relevant key players in the security industry.


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