Difference Between Them HIPAA Vs GDPR

GDPR and HIPAA have been designed to ensure that the data of the individuals are protected to the highest extent. Every organization and business is required to follow the new general data protection regulations. GDPR governs with the securing of personal data, and the HIPAA have a narrow scope, and it is applied in the HIPAA protected health information (PHI). When you are in the European Union, then you may know started to work on the GDPR compliance. The ruling could easily apply to the organization based on the EU for handling the data pertaining to the patients in the EU. The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) is mainly set on compliance requirements with an effect on the organization dealing with the data.


HIPAA was first set in the year 1996, and it has been designed for making the health insurance coverage for employees who move between the jobs. This also mainly reduces the cost of health care on the standardized process. HIPAA has Privacy Rule mainly contained with legislation setting the requirement appropriately. Setting the data governance procedures like admin and billing, the patients also receive copies of the PHI. HIPAA is the healthcare law implemented for the data protection elements.


GDPR is the data protection law covering all the sectors that include healthcare and insurance. The US organizations and businesses need to pay particular attention to processing the personal data of EU residents compiled with the GDPR. Mainly, the information management of individuals plays an important part. The impact of GDPR on healthcare providers needs to have the appropriate regulations. It also mainly have Strict adherence for the patient consent for acquiring the personal details. The wide number of gdpr benefits for individuals in more efficient aspects. GDPR Requirements in 2020 needs to be followed

Difference With HIPAA

The HIPAA regulations are mainly mandated with the SSL protection for the patient data. In fact, it is mainly helpful for making quick transmission with hospital servers. HIPAA compliance requirements are mandatory similar to that of the GDPR. Healthcare organization and business related to it needs to have the hipaa guidelines for adhering the stringent data security protocols. In fact, it would mainly ensure compliance with establishing the protocols to dispose of the data.

Patient Consent:

HIPAA regulations will be based on the organization-centric as well as targets on protecting the patient records from any kind of security breach. The data management of the patient is one of the primary concerns. HIPPA does not talk against any patient’s consent but only talks about the customer data. In GDPR, organizations need to have the active consent of patients for storing personal details.


The main difference between the HIPAA and GDPR with regulation covered in it. GDPR covers only the citizens of the EU, and the HIPAA is mainly restricted to healthcare organizations. The gdpr penalty is much more severe so that it is important to follow the guidelines. HIPAA is organization-centric regulation with data privacy as the main priority. GDPR is consumer-centric regulation, so the organization is liable for adhering to the stringent regulations while dealing with the data pertaining to the citizens on the EU.

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