E-Skimming – Universal Threat For Online Retailers And Shoppers

Are you a person who never heard the word online skimming? Then you are in need to educate yourself. You might have listened to the warnings about the fraudsters are tampering with the help of the payment card swipe system. It is called skimming. It will happen when someone tries to insert a thin film over the card reader, which steals your payment card information. It enables the fraudsters to use your account to make a payment or purchase anything.


New Cybercrime 


Cybersecurity experts have warned about the new threat, which is working in the same way as skimming i.e., e-skimming. The worst situation is that criminals do not work on any physical machines; they online techniques to steal that information. E-Skimming happens in the case that the Hacker inserts the malicious software into the e-commerce website.


You might think that you are checking out to buy the products, but the Hacker is stealing all your information from the payment cards. In general, you should not tell a fraudster tamper using e-skimming. Even the website owner does not know about it before getting into the investigation. You can protect yourself from such Cyber Attack by taking some immediate action.

Protect your payment card information 

Here are some of the ways in order to protect your information from e-skimming, they are as follows,

⦁ You need to enable alerts regarding your payment cards. Card Not Present alerts is considered to be the best way to get defense against Cyber Risk. In general, it is sent via mail or text by your card issuer as soon as they used to make any transactions.

⦁ You have to monitor your account in a routine manner. It is really important to ensure that any distrustful activities are going on.

⦁ You have to use only the trusted e-commerce site to make online purchasing. Try to avoid the website you are unfamiliar with. Do not trust blindly any greater advertisement deals.

⦁ Consider using the low-limit for online purchasing during holiday shopping. It will help in reducing the amount of damage even if your card might be stolen by the Hacker.

Continue to rise 

You have to know about the fact that the hackers might use the shared JavaScript libraries for injecting them. Defending against these kinds of attacks is quite a challenging one due to the speedy development of the new techniques and methods to steal the payment card details. As these types of attacks keep on growing, the one and the only way in order to defend against the attack is by involving a multi-layer approach.


You have to take help from the Network Security solutions in order to avoid risk. Still, retailers need to take necessary action. E-skimming is considered to be a double risk, which is for the consumers as well as the business sites. Whether you are running a website that generally collects the payment information or you are just a buyer from that site, both of you need to have cybersecurity awareness to protect your payment and personal information.


How can you counter attacks without changing your website significantly (and expensively)?

CodeSealer Connect is a cloud-based security service for your website, that works for you out-of-the-box.

You let your customers connect seamlessly on to your site via CodeSealer Connect and a secured tunnel. Nettiher your customers nor you will see or feel any difference, while CodeSealer Connect adds security to your existing website.

Among other things, CodeSealer Connect protects your site and JavaScript from tampering, and it runs real-time diagnostics as well.


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