Is Your Data In Safe Hands with Coronavirus

Coronavirus or COVID-19 Outbreak mainly have categorized by WHO or World Health Organization as the pandemic. The outbreak of this pandemic has been massive and infecting many numbers of people from across the world. Many people in the United States also affected due to this pandemic, and the infection has been accelerating. Recently, the United States of America also declared the traveling ban on more than 28 countries in Europe. Many schools and colleges are closed. Many numbers of companies also provide Work from home option for their employees.

Need To Be Safe:

Many high profile companies also have encouraged their staff to adapt to the work from home policy. With the spread of these Coronavirus has been increased, many numbers of cities have been under the lockdown. Modern tech companies also created a new policy and infrastructure to enable remote working. Even these companies offer laptops and PC for the people to work from their homes. Many numbers of Scammers have taken this opportunity for creating the false website or trojan virus for infecting the user’s PC or mobile devices.

Is Your Data Secure?

In order to be productive in the modern-day, it is quite essential to have a more common requirement for all remote workers. Working remotely mainly requires more safe facilities, and the data handled needs to be more reliable. Creating the End To End Protection system in between the employer and employee especially helps in protecting the sensitive data. For assuring the more reliable and secure work from home, it is essential to have the following

1.  computer or laptop

2.  good internet connection

3.  Chat apps

4.  conferencing applications

5.  dedicated workspace

6.  phone

6. Self-motivation

7.  discipline

8.  strict routine

9.  reliable antivirus protection enabled on the system

Weaponized Emails:

One of the standard ways that threats have been processed is through fake emails. Most organizations are considering taking security measures to that it would be easier to avoid the risks of stealing sensitive data.

Remote User Credential Theft:

With the increase in the cyberthreats become the most important to be considered by many organizations to safeguard their sensitive data from hackers. Since people are working over remote connection mainly leads to remote login activity. Many employees use private and insecure machines for accessing their accounts. In fact, these would also mainly enable individual insecurity and becomes a target for hackers.

Codesealer solution

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