MiTB Attack Prevention

Man in the browser protection for online customers


Increasing MiTB security and Reducing Debug Time

A man-in-the-browser (MITB) attack is a type of cyber attack where an attacker is able to intercept and modify the communication between a user’s browser and a web application. The attacker uses malware to infect the user’s browser, which allows them to manipulate the data being sent and received by the browser, such as web page content, form data, or authentication credentials.


The attacker infects the user’s browser with malware, often through social engineering tactics or by exploiting vulnerabilities in the browser or operating system.

Communication interception

Once the browser is infected, the attacker can intercept and manipulate the communication between the browser and the web application, allowing them to steal data or modify transactions.

Data manipulation

The attacker can modify the web page content to deceive the user or manipulate form data to perform unauthorized actions within the web application, such as transferring funds or changing user settings.

Securing MiTB Attacks

How MitB Attack is mitigated by CodeSealer

Codesealer provides a unique product CONNECT that uses an end-to-end security strategy to secure JavaScript before it leads to devastating attacks. It utilizes advanced encryption to secure HTTP traffic, prevent DOM changes, encrypt URLS and much more.

Effective monitoring

If something suspicious is spotted, the application backend is immediately notified, allowing near real-time reaction from the application to the possible fraud attempt.

Completely plug and play

Codsealer does not require installing anything locally

Client Side Measures

Codesealer takes extra precautions by only using browsers with stringent security measures.

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Codesealer CONNECT

CodeSealer ensures application resilience, message integrity and privacy between an organization and their end-users. Even when they are compromised

Our Secure content delivery system in JavaScript uses it’s own protocols and encryption engine to deliver, verify, execute and communicate intact JavaScript code on potentially dangerous and untrusted platforms.

Benefits of Using Codesealer JS Security

CodeSealer is a patented technology stack based on advanced encryption, cutting-edge dynamic encryption and a unique process for secure content delivery and execution

In-depth JS protection from evolving threats

Effective JavaScript, website and single page protection

Session tracking

Track user activity within the application, providing insight into user behavior and enabling security measures like session timeout and access control.

Secure cookies

Store session information, preventing attackers from stealing session data or manipulating the session state.

IP restriction

Restrict access to the application based on the user’s IP address, helping to prevent unauthorized access and attacks from known malicious sources.

Take your JS App security to the next level

Get the most resilient client-side protection with negligible impact on performance.

Take your JS App security to the next level

Get the most resilient client-side protection with negligible impact on performance.