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Our Tech



Codesealer Enterprise provides unparalleled security for modern web applications, protecting both the application’s source code and APIs. Codesealer disrupts the attacker early in the Kill Chain by minimizing the attack surface by securely delivering the application code through employing strong dynamic encryption to the communication channels. 

Designed as a turn-key solution for application code and API protection it is easily deployed into any existing application’s infrastructure. Our unique protection requires no changes to the application code, augmenting existing integrated CI/CD controls to provide an additional robust layer of protection to support today’s high velocity of change in support of business enablement. Codesealer Enterprise provides a comprehensive solution to bolster the security of online services, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of web interactions. 

The Codesealer Enterprise solution incorporates cutting-edge technologies and is founded on an exclusive, patented approach to ensuring the security of application code and APIs. With flexible installation options to support the full spectrum of application deployment architectures, from monoliths to microservices, Public and Private Cloud, and existing mission critical on-prem applications. Codesealer is crafted to be both flexible and straightforward in its implementation by offering both SAAS and on-prem deployment options. The SAAS deployment option provides a simple and streamlined managed solution for container based workloads while the on-prem option provides a more custom integration into existing application infrastructures.

Codesealer Enterprise sets itself apart from competitors through our unique approach to API protection. Unlike others, we don’t solely depend on API Discovery to comprehend your organization’s external threat landscape. Instead, we always ensure the continuous security of all your externally exposed APIs behind a generic, opaque API which uses advanced encryption to protect all communication and the exchanged information.