Penetration Testing: It’s Not As Difficult As You Think

Penetration Testing also called the Pen Test or Ethical Hacking . Penetration Testing is the method for performing security testing in the network system suitable for the business or the organization. The physical penetration testing involves the variety of methodologies mainly designed to explore the wide network for identifying potential vulnerabilities. The test ensures checking about vulnerabilities to the system or security in the network. With the use of Penetration Testing, it is easier for network professionals mainly results in making an appropriate recommendation on fixing the problems within the network. The main purpose of the Network penetration testing is to improve the 100% network security as well as providing better protection on Network with connected devices.

Identifying Vulnerabilities Within The Network:

Penetration Testing is widely helpful for performing the vulnerability assessment on the network in many hassle-free aspects. Penetration testing also can be automated with the use of software applications, or it can be performed manually. The main objective of penetration testing services is to ensure the proper identification of the security weakness. Penetration testing is useful for
· Testing of the organization’s security policy
· Adherence to the compliance requirements
· Creating employees’ security awareness
· Identifying security incidents
Information about the security weaknesses are exploited with pen testing, and it is provided by the IT and network system team for making the strategic decision. The purpose of penetration testing is to identify weak spots and measure compliance in the security policy.

When Should You Perform Penetration Testing?

Organizations need to perform the physical penetration testing for at least once in a year. It ensures consistent network security along with IT management. Penetration tests need to be run when the organization takes these below measures.
1) While adding new network infrastructure
2) While making significant upgrades to applications
3) Establishing the offices in new locations
4) Applied on security patches
5) Modifying the end-user policies

Penetration Test Strategies:

The Pen testing program is mainly helpful as significant scope for the pen testers to operate. With the use of the systems, locations, tools, and techniques, complete penetration tests are carried on. Limiting the scope for penetration tests mainly helps with focus team members. Some of the essential strategies carried on are
· Targeted testing
· External testing
· Internal testing
· Blind testing
· Double-blind Testing
· Black box Testing
· White box Testing
· Pen Testing as a Service (PTaaS)

Why Employing Network Security Professionals?

Network security professionals are mainly trained along with the necessary expertise much more effectively for conducting penetration testing as well as many number of network assessments. Network penetration testing is performed perfectly so that it is helpful for increasing the daily business operations in much more secure aspects. The expert team mainly has the important skills that are applied to the network security professionals, and it includes
v Data Breach Prevention
v Gap Analysis Maintenance
v Black Box
v White Box
Penetration Test with the black box is mainly conducted even without the knowledge of information that is related to technical aspects in the network. These mainly require the penetration testers to conduct comprehensive network exploration web application penetration testing and determine a better way for organizing.


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