Risks We Mitigate

Security challenges

in API & web applications

API and Web Application threats have emerged as the primary attack vectors impacting enterprises and their customers enterprise. With a startling 2.5x increase in web application and API attacks since 2021, and the fact that web servers make up a majority (56%) of all compromised assets, it is time for enterprises to reevaluate traditional cyber defense strategies.

Industry trends:

  • Growing attack surfaces due to digitalization and an ever-changing threat landscape.
  • Accelerated development cycles drive innovation, but also open avenues for attacks, due to the security layers not keeping up with development.  
  • Organizations are providing greater direct access to their services, but the APIs and application code are typically visible, accessible, and vulnerable.
  • Supply chain attacks are increasingly prevalent as organizations integrate more 3rd party services directly into their systems.
  • Overly complex cyber security makes consistent protection difficult, putting immense strain on cyber organizations to maintain the security perimeter. As the challenges mount, finding an effective and agile response becomes paramount.

What we do


Codesealer deploys seamlessly as a proxy and adds unique security without changes to the original JavaScript application code or infrastructure. Codesealer is invisible to the end-user, is browser agnostic, and does not require any browser agent or plug-ins.


  • With Codesealer deployed, your backend APIs are secured and only sessions authenticated by Codesealer through strong encryption are accepted.
  • A uniquely and dynamically secured end-to-end encryption is established with the tamper-proofed Codesealer client running in the browser.
  • Encrypted JavaScript application code is transferred and executed securely in the browser.
  • All payloads, APIs, and network communications are dynamically encrypted and secured.
  • Codesealer makes it close to impossible for a hacker to attack your APIs and website applications, and is a crucial added layer of protection for your data and your customers.

Attacks We prevent

By disrupting an attacker’s exploration and preventing exploits, Codesealer thwarts a multitude of threats against APIs and web applications:


Ensures data integrity by shielding communication channels.

Denial of Service

Reduces resource exhaustion risks, ensuring service uptime through Application Throttling.

Cross-site Attacks

Prevents groundwork exploits that hijack trusted user sessions.

Authentication Attacks

Safeguards user identities against unauthorized access.

Client- and Server-side Exploits

Blocks initial explorations, mitigating vulnerabilities on both ends.

Supply Chain attacks

Codesealer helps to prevent 3rd party library vulnerabilities.

Understanding threats is crucial, but preempting them is the game-changer. Codesealer equips CISOs with the tools to disrupt threats at their inception, fortifying the enterprise’s digital defenses.

Why Codesealer

For today’s the dynamic threat environment CISOs and security teams demand agile, effective solutions that protect APIs and web application while fortifying overall cyber defenses.

Decrease Threats

Witness a significant decline in attacks, frauds, and false positives.


Avoid breaches and reputational damage by protecting your customers and your crucial interfaces.


Be assured you are still protected even though your traditional cyber methods cannot maintain pace with frequent releases


Move past products like IBM Trusteer, VPNs, and Citrix so your end user experience is easier and still protected.


Replace temporary obfuscation solutions with our robust offering.

Retire Old WAFs

Avoid the recurring costs and complexities of traditional WAFs.