the kill chain

Killing the kill chain

In response to the evolving challenges, Codesealer presents a unique solution, tailored for the needs of enterprise-level security management, that effectively disrupts the Kill Chain of a cyberattack.

Codesealer automatically deploys advanced dynamic encryption to your applications and API’s, making the initial phases of reconnaissance and exploration virtually impossible.

The real-time dynamic nature of our security ensures that even potential vulnerabilities would be impossible to weaponize and delivery would require circumventing our security.

As an additional security layer, Codesealer offers an integrated Web Applications Firewall to ensure full OWASP vulnerability protection.

  1. Reconnaissance: Codesealer’s Code Protection serves as a safeguard against Information Gathering, Application Reverse Engineering, and Open-Source Intelligence.
  2. Weaponization: While Codesealer Enterprise may not offer a directly applicable product, its intentional design and robust encryption protocols prevent attackers in constructing a targeted exploitation kit. This results in attackers investing significant time with a low probability of success.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
  3. Delivery: Codesealer API Protection fortifies the backend by identifying and rejecting any requests that fail to adhere to the specified API format or encryption scheme. 
  1. Exploitation: Codesealer WAF acts as a last line of defense, blocking any malicious attempts that manage to evade prior security layers. It accomplishes this by thoroughly examining decrypted data before it reaches the application.