The Top Reasons People Succeed in the Content Manipulation Industry

We live in the digital age, and you should know that cybercriminals do not always aim at stealing the data. Sometimes, they are in need to manipulate the content to trigger external events. Cyber attacks have spread all over the world, which involves both private as well as public sectors. The experts in this field are warning the people that hackers are planning to manipulate major fields of industry. Certainly, content manipulation attacks will target healthcare, government, financial data, and more. Though, the worst scenario is that all the prominent industries are greatly vulnerable to such attacks.

Content manipulation attacks types

Hackers use their social engineering savvy and phishing for obtaining access to any systems. And then, they will be making small changes for keeping the people in the dark. Here are some of the common data manipulation attacks and they are as follows,
1) Wire transfer fraud: Malicious actors compromise the email server of any consumer and seizes and will be making changes to an email that will contain details about the wire transfer. It will then allow a massive transfer might move to the wrong recipient.
2) Attacks on banking accounts: It is quite similar to the previous fraud. The attacker will change the payment recipients for altering the payment amounts and destinations.
3) Credit card micropayments: Attackers might change unsuspecting account as very small amount hidden as something which is unnoticeable.
4) Changing the links over sites: The most popular method is overriding the links on the pubic site. If the users clicked such links, they would be directed to some malicious websites. The actions by the attackers might be the acquisition of credentials of users and more.

Beware in the current year!

The oracle cyber security attacks report of the year 2019 exposes that their cloud vulnerability will be continuing to be one of the major challenges faced by the organization. It is happening because almost every organization is leveraging on the applications of cloud and storing all the employee and business operation’s sensitive data in it.
In the year 2020, there occurred social engineering. The malicious attackers target a group of employees of twitter via a mobile spear-phishing attack. With the help of their credentials, the hackers targeted 130 famous personality’s twitter accounts. Keep this in mind, and take proactive measures for reducing security attacks.

Ways for protecting the integrity of the data

Use the best security mechanism for sending critical and sensitive data. Pretty Good Privacy is one of the great choices. Make use of the archiving tool and strong encryption methods for preventing major cyber attacks.
For authentication purposes, you have to use digital certificates during communication or transaction. This will ensure that both the sender and receiver are known to them, and their channel is encrypted or not.
Do some manual verification. Avoid sending sensitive information via channels that are intercepted. If you receive any request, contact the sender and confirm whether it is valid or not. So, multiple checks make sure to reduce the risk of attacks.

Bottom line

Content manipulation attack might lead to disastrous consequences. Hence, businesses and organizations need to be prepared with the best-implemented techniques and tools for preventing the data manipulation attack.

Codesealer Solution:

Codesealer’s end point protection protects against vulnerabilities such as web parameter tampering. It uses advanced user interface protection on server site to keep customers safe even if the local machine is infected.

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