What are reverse engineering and the danger of it? 

Reverse engineering is a process to decode an object that reveals its architecture and collect useful information from the structure, simply a deconstruction process to destruct an object into smaller components. Here are the few reasons why reverse engineering is being used: dsads

-To perform a multi-analysis of objects.

-To decode and learn its internal structure to assemble information about the product and re-equip.

-To gather information on competitors and provide upgraded items.

-To perform the documentation for different products to make it beneficial.

Why is it so dangerous?

1) The protected (or closed) source code. This significantly slows down the reverse engineering process.

2) An algorithm being reversed incorrectly.

3) If your project utilizes reverse engineering as the main method of developing code compatible with a third-party application, then there’s a possibility that the third-party code significantly changes the architecture, data format, or communication protocols.

Steps to mitigate Reverse Engineering

We know that it is nearly impossible to eliminate risks that might occur because of reverse engineering.

The following are the steps to mitigate these risks;

*  Perform Integrity Check: Integrity check is to check the entirety of products. Hence, they must develop different techniques to check integrity.

*  Deter: Complicated policies must be executed to make the attacker violate these policies impossible.

*  Code Obfuscation: Code must be modified in such a manner that it makes it difficult for an attacker to understand the product’s architecture.

*  Product Renaming: Properly renamed products confuse an attacker to choose the product from attack floods.

*  Encryption: The concerned authorities can only read converted information into secret messages.

*  Code Replacement: Dummy codes can handle the usage of the product. The dummy code should be removed from the source of the product at the time of usage.


Codesealer Solution

Codesealer provides a unique product CONNECT that uses an end-to-end security strategy to secure JavaScript before it leads to devastating attacks. It also makes your website resilient to Reverse Engineering by utilizing advanced obfuscation to secure HTTP traffic, prevent DOM changes, encrypt URLS and much more.

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