What is User Interface Protection?

Organizations are finally beginning to come to terms with the destructive capabilities of cyber attacks. But as many as 80% still leave browsers completely unprotected.

From malware to ransomware, through phishing and denial of service, companies are witnessing first-hand the havoc hackers can now inflict on their organization.

Recent high-profile breaches have helped to bolster the cybercrime awareness campaign – shedding light not only on the tactics hackers employ but also the fallout of those attacks. But while this has provided much-needed insight for organizations to guard against well-known and publicized vulnerabilities, threats to other areas of their business, such as the user interface, remain high.

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What is the User Interface?

The user interface (UI) comprises everything a user may interact with when navigating an application or website, from the menu bar and toolbar to windows, buttons, and other controls.

A well-designed UI will enhance the user experience (UX), allowing the user to interact with software in a natural and intuitive way and enabling them to perform the actions they desire without difficulty.

Thanks to its ability to positively impact the UX, the UI has grown to become an integral component of user-facing IT. But, as a constant feature within the browser, its sustained presence has garnered the attention of hackers who can target it to perpetrate cyber attacks.

Why is User Interface Protection Important?

Failure to protect the UI provides easy access for cyber-criminals and allows them to infiltrate web browsers to modify web pages, transaction content, or insert additional transactions all completely covertly.

This form of content manipulation is known as a man-in-the-browser attack and can cause devastating consequences for users and companies alike, resulting in financial loss and reputational damage.

With unrestricted access to the UI, hackers can also alter the communication between two parties, intercepting all relevant messages and injecting their own for personal gain. This method of eavesdropping is known as a man-in-the-middle attack and can be used to broker false agreements or steal valuable private information, again leading to economic damage and a tarnished image.

To avoid falling victim to these attacks, organizations must ensure their UI is adequately protected.

Coronavirus implications

The COVID-19 has escalated the situation and hackers and scammers are using the chaos on their behalf to create more global damage. The facts that many people work and study from home means less security and easier acces for hackers and scammers. Many businesses are dealing with attacks and even hospitals have been hit.  Read more here


Newest insight on attacks

A new attack technique has spotted since late 2018 where the attacker get acces to eCommerce payment UI sites through 3-party retailers. This is an new and fairly unknown technique, but is extremely effective and dangerous since bigger companies usually have a lot of 3-party suppliers / partners with acces to the website  and the suppliers doesn’t have the necessary security  because they are small. Once the attackers are in they can view everything and by that steal user credentials. This has so far lead to attacks on  800+ retailers in 2019 – the biggest incident being the attack on British Airways that costed them a £183M fine, 380.000 stolen credit-cards and ~50% market value. Read more here

How do You Protect the User Interface?

Today, it’s estimated that cybercrime is worth over $3trn, making it the most lucrative form of crime anywhere in the world. Cybercrime perpetrated through the UI now accounts for 10% of these breaches, and this number is on the rise.

To protect the UI effectively – mitigating financial fallout and preserving customer-trust – it is important to invest in a security solution that specifically includes user interface protection.

Many cybersecurity services claim to offer ‘full cyber protection’, offering all manner of tools and resources to help fend off attacks. But, often, these solutions only protect against common or outdated hacking methods.

Only specialist solutions can provide the level of security that is needed to defend against attacks such as man-in-the-browser and man-in-the-middle, particularly for the advanced needs of financial businesses.

User Interface Protection

The threat of cybercrime is at an all-time high. The Global Risks Report 2017, published in January by the World Economic Forum (WEF), included both ‘data fraud or theft’ and ‘large-scale cyber-attacks’ in the top 10 global events most likely to occur in the next 10 years.

But while guarding against some of the more common vulnerabilities has become second nature to the cyber-savvy business, attacks targeting the UI remain problematic.

CodeSealer is a dedicated user interface protection solution for finance, which goes far beyond the usual web security solution to eliminate vulnerabilities.

As a recognized financial fraud detection strategy for user interface protection by Gartner, CodeSealer is perfectly placed to offer the protection from UI-based cyberattacks that has become necessary in today’s environment.


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