White Paper Download Advanced User Interface Protection

This is the third instalment of our popular white paper on Advanced User Interface Protection. First released in 2016 we analysed the increasing number of threats eventuating from the increased activity of cyber criminals attacking websites through malicious software infecting browsers.

This update is a complete revision, including COVID-19 impact on cyber security threats, new solutions and much more.

Download White paper and you’ll learn all you need to know of Strategic and Advanced User Interface and End-User Protection, including best-in-class protection methods, present and future threat scenarios.

Table of Content:

– Securing End-Users

– Evolution of threats 2016 – 2020

– COVID-19 implications of current threats

– Advanced future security threats

– Security Strategies

– Case: Protecting Nation Critical Infrastructure

– Case: Protecting Highly Sensitive Client Web Session Data

– User Interface Security Solutions

– About Codesealer

and more.

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