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Welcome to our exclusive video series. The Juice Shop is our way to show Codesealer in action. You will get the opportunity to see how Codesealer protects all code in the browser with advanced encryption and conseil all APIs making it practically impossible to plan and attack the website being protected.

Dive into our curated selection of clips that shine a spotlight on Codesealers powerfull capabilities. Discover how we proactively defend against various types of cyber threats, all while gaining a deeper understanding of attack mechanisms, tools, and the motivation driving them.


In this video you will see how Codesealer protects a vulnerable application: the Fruit Juice website provided by OWASP. See how a potential attack will gather information to discover potential vulnerabilities and investigate ways to attack – and see how Codesealer protects the website and makes attacks practically impossible.


Codesealer has a great effect on all the tools an attacker uses to plan and carry out attacks on a website. In this video, we will show how one of the most commonly used attacker tools, Burp, is affected when Codesealer is protecting the website. Codesealer interferes with most used tools, deterring attackers so they look for another website to attack.

Improper Input Validation

Making a random user Admin of the application

Persistent XSS

Persistent Cross site scripting (XSS) via HTTP Headers

Burp Suit – Brute force attack

BruteForce Attack with Burp Suite, not possible with Codesealer

Without and With Codesealer

Learn about the difference Codesealer makes, compared to an unprotected system.