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End to-End API Encryption for Web and Mobile Applications

Codesealer is the industry’s only security solution that protects both your source code and APIs by extending encryption into the client. Codesealer introduces a proactive approach to web security, practically removing the attack surface rather than just detecting and blocking threats.

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AI-driven automation and supply chain attacks are increasing the cybersecurity risk to your business, leaving APIs and source code as the primary conduits for attacks.

Codesealer stands at the forefront of cybersecurity, drastically minimizing your attack surface with our advanced, layered defense strategy.

This proactive approach ensures that your web applications remain secure against evolving threats, providing peace of mind and allowing you to focus on your core business objectives.

View our product video to see how Codesealer enhances web application security.

Acting as a performant reverse proxy positioned in front of your web application and extended into the browser, Codesealer introduces a novel layer of security with effortless deployment.

Codesealer protects your web application seamlessly, without requiring any modifications to the source code or its functionality.

At its core, Codesealer ensures strong, authenticated end-to-end encryption from the backend to within the browser. What sets Codesealer apart is its ability to achieve this even in situations where trust in the browser, one end of the communication channel, is uncertain.

Seamless integration with no code changes in application and no agents in the browser
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Codesealer’s design allows it to greatly increase the security level of any web and mobile application in minutes. Our patented technology enables encryption of customer-facing web applications and APIs without requiring any changes to your existing application infrastructure.

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Codesealer's protection also extends to mobile applications. Our easily integrated SDK allows any mobile application to make secured API requests through our reverse proxy. With Codesealer we provide comprehensive security without disrupting your operations.

Flexible deployment options that fit into any existing application architecture
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    Instantly protect your applications
    Infrastructure managed by Codesealer
    Configurable through our management portal
    Simply change your DNS to point at our server
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    Deploy our proxy and management portal into your existing infrastructure
    Pick the deployment model that suites you: Bare metal, Docker, Kubernetes, etc.
    Fully horizontally scalable with minimal dependency on our backend
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    Get the same experience as Codesealer Self-Hosted but with all components fully in your control
    Dedicated support from the Codesealer team

Proactive Defence and Killchain

Our solutions are designed to make reconnaissance and planning of attacks impossible, removing the very foundation of any cyber attack.
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Codesealer’s Code Protection serves as a safeguard against Information Gathering, Application Reverse Engineering, and Open-Source Intelligence.
Break the Killchain

This problem extends beyond the browser side. An attacker can easily observe the application's API requests towards its backend server, including paths, payloads, and responses.

Such vulnerabilities provide ample opportunities for attackers to progress to the third step of the Kill Chain: Delivery. In the worst-case scenario, successfully exploiting an API vulnerability can grant attackers direct access to backend infrastructure.

This exposes numerous points of API exploitation, potentially revealing weaknesses in business logic, authentication, authorization, and more.

Discover the most cost-effective and simple way to reduce your risk of attacks on web applications and their APIs.

Codesealer builds end-to-end security solutions to prevent cyber attacks using patented technology that enables encryption of customer-facing web applications and APIs without any changes to your application.

Our solutions are designed to make reconnaissance and planning of attacks impossible – removing the very foundation of any cyber attack.

The software is designed for seamless integration and no changes are needed for the application to be protected nor do end-users need to do anything.

Codesealer is the only complete package available.

In the world of cybersecurity, businesses face increasing risks from cyber attacks, fast-paced development cycles, and the constant threat of supply chain attacks. Despite efforts to improve security, the complexity of available solutions can make implementation difficult. To overcome these challenges, organizations need agile and easy-to-use cybersecurity strategies.

Codesealer is different from traditional security solutions because it enhances and improves existing measures. It works seamlessly with other security tools to enhance protection. In some cases, replacing outdated systems with Codesealer can provide the best security coverage against modern threats

Protection SourceAPI and NetworkClient-Side SecurityReverse EngineeringSecurity ComponentsDeployment & Maintenance
CodesealerAPI EncryptionCode EncryptionCode EncryptionServer + Defensive ClientSimple to Medium, Low
AgentAgentAgentAgentServer + ClientComplicated, High
Standalone WAFRule EngineRule EngineNoneServerComplicated, High
BehavioralMachine LearningMachine LearningMachineServer + Client ProbeComplicated, High
ObfuscationNoneObfuscationObfuscationApplication CodeMedium
Unlike other solutions, Codesealer employs advanced API, code and communication encryption, simple deployment with no code changes, and ultra-low developer burden.
Protection SourceAPI DiscoveryAPI Communication AttacksClient-Side SecurityReverse EngineeringSecurity ComponentsDeployment & MaintenanceDeveloper Burden
CodesealerAPI EncryptionCommunication EncryptionCode EncryptionCode EncryptionServer & Defensive ClientSimple to Medium, LowUltra Low
API Discovery and IDS SolutionsScannerRule-Based IDSNoneNoneServer & ServiceComplicated, HighHigh

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