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About Codesear

Increasing MiTB security and Reducing Debug Time

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Ultra resilient Web Security Protecting websites and end-users

Our patented and Gartner™ recognized technology is based on a unique combination of advanced cryptography, cutting-edge dynamic obfuscation and an exclusive process for content delivery and execution. Together they provide the ultimate resilient tamper proof user-interface protection.

JSON Hijacking

JSON Hijacking is an attack that targets the data exchange between a web server and a client-side web application. Attackers can intercept and manipulate the transmitted data to steal sensitive information or inject malicious code.

Cross-site scripting (XSS)

XSS attacks involve injecting malicious scripts into a web page, which can then execute on the client-side and steal data or execute unauthorized actions on the server.

Data manipulation

The attacker can modify the web page content to deceive the user or manipulate form data to perform unauthorized actions within the web application, such as transferring funds or changing user settings.

Securing AJAX Attacks

Apply protection to any JavaScript on any framework

Codesealer provides a unique product CONNECT that uses an end-to-end security strategy to secure JavaScript before it leads to devastating attacks. It utilizes advanced encryption to secure HTTP traffic, prevent DOM changes, encrypt URLS and much more.

Jeppe Lau Hansen

CEO, Codesealer

With more than 17 years in Financial IT Services, Jeppe Lau Hansen is experienced and proven Professional within Banking, Financial Legislation/GRC and solving deploys seamlessly. With Codesealer, he is empowering organizations to protecting JS Web- and Mobile Applications, APIs, and end-user sessions.

Henrik Deleuran Müller

Co-Founder, Codesealer

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Codesealer CONNECT

CodeSealer ensures application resilience, message integrity and privacy between an organization and their end-users. Even when they are compromised

Our Secure content delivery system in JavaScript uses it’s own protocols and encryption engine to deliver, verify, execute and communicate intact JavaScript code on potentially dangerous and untrusted platforms.

Take your App security to the next level

Get the most resilient client-side protection with negligible impact on performance.

Get the most resilient client-side protection with negligible impact on performance.