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Welcome to Codesealer, where advanced cybersecurity is made accessible, streamlined, and user-friendly. We seamlessly integrate with your existing setup without the need for technical expertise.

Get a free vulnerability test to understand if your website is at risk.

Why Vulnerability Testing Matters

Preemptive Security: Our test helps you identify and fix vulnerabilities before they can be exploited, significantly reducing the risk of cyber attacks.
Detailed Insights: Receive comprehensive insights into your website's security strengths and weaknesses, enabling you to fortify your defenses effectively.

Don’t wait for a security breach to find out how vulnerable your applications are. Our free vulnerability test employs advanced tools to analyze your defenses, pinpoint vulnerabilities, and suggest actionable improvements.

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Our dedicated support team is here to help you understand how Codesealer can protect your business. Let’s ensure your website remains safe in the face of new cyber threats.

All the data we receive from you will be kept strictly confidential, and permanently removed immediately after the report is generated and sent.

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